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Coral Reefs and Other Colorful Creatures

Coral Reefs and Other Colorful Creatures


Coral Reefs and Other Colorful Creatures is an educational, interactive folding book that features more than 100 species of marine life found in the world’s four largest coral reef systems: the Great Barrier Reef, the Coral Triangle, the Red Sea Coral Reef, and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System.

The fact book contains information and an illustration for every organism in the book so you can learn a bit about the oddities of the oceans. It also includes information about various sources of ocean pollution and what small steps we can all take to collectively make a change in the way we use and consume resources and materials. To reinforce this point, the backs of the pages of Coral Reefs are also fully illustrated, depicting a watery wasteland that could soon be very real if we don’t change our ways. By seeing our oceans thriving in close proximity to a polluted depiction, we can better imagine and understand the interconnectedness of everything; positive actions create positive changes.

Founded in 2015 by Matt Holbein and Emily Brooks, THE FOLIAGE LIBRARY promotes environmental and botanical education through illustrated geometric folding books with forms that relate conceptually to their content. In addition, the very structures of their books present a learning opportunity as they incorporate a great deal of geometry and mathematical thought. By seeing how basic shapes move and fold in space, the brain will be more apt to understand how two-dimensional shapes relate to the physical world. The books incorporate elements of art, geometry, engineering, and environmentalism and can help awaken interests in these topics in both children and adults.