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24-Hour Flowers

24-Hour Flowers


Inside of an old, rusty clock thrive eight species of flowers that all have one thing in common: their blooms only last for one day! Prepare for a journey full of new botanical knowledge and breathtaking illustrations. As you explore four families of fascinating yet fleeting flora growing thick through the clock gears of this 12-sided book, you will learn new facts about each one, what makes them the same, and what makes them different.

24-Hour Flowers is a celebration of fleeting flora, but it also functions as an educational tool to learn about plant taxonomy, or how plants are arranged into families. First, the book divides bilaterally into monocotyledons on the left and dicotyledons on the right—the most basic distinction in classifying plants. These two sections are each sub-divided into two families, a garden grows amongst clock gears, and within each family two species are featured for a total of eight blooms growing from the center of the book. The interactive design of the book also makes it fun to read as a group. Share it with your friends and family, and you can take turns reading as you explore the wonderful world of flowers.

Founded in 2015 by Matt Holbein and Emily Brooks, THE FOLIAGE LIBRARY promotes environmental and botanical education through illustrated geometric folding books with forms that relate conceptually to their content. In addition, the very structures of their books present a learning opportunity as they incorporate a great deal of geometry and mathematical thought. By seeing how basic shapes move and fold in space, the brain will be more apt to understand how two-dimensional shapes relate to the physical world. The books incorporate elements of art, geometry, engineering, and environmentalism and can help awaken interests in these topics in both children and adults.

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